CHIPS for individuals

 Why use CHIPS™?

  • Your money is safe – CHIPS™ uses an FSCA regulated vehicle to protect the money in your CHIPS™ acccount
  • No monthly fees and no minimum balance required
  • No hidden fees – where possible, fees payable are presented to you for your authorisation
  • No money is ever taken out of your account without your authorisation – e.g. charges, penalties or debit orders
  • You earn interest on your daily balance

 What can I do with CHIPS™?

  • Get paid instantly for a product or service provided (you can be paid by CHIPS Money Manager and Instapay users, users of bank apps, Zapper and Snapscan users, etc)
  • Receive money into your CHIPS™ account, wherever and whenever you need it, from family or friends
  • Provide money-in/money-out services to other CHIPS™ users
  • Buy airtime, data and sms bundles in your CHIPS™ app for your own use,  or buy and sell to others
  • Create payment requests  for others to pay you.  Requests can also be sent to others via SMS, WhatsApp or email.  These requests can be paid using a variety of payment mechanisms
  • Buy from any merchant or service provider that displays a QR code with the Masterpass logo (at till, on website or on bill) – over 160 000 merchants
  • Send money to dependants, family, friends, informal service providers, etc.
    • If the recipient is a CHIPS™ user you can send money directly to his/her CHIPS™ account
    • If the recipient does not have access to CHIPS™, you can send a cash voucher to his/her phone via SMS, to withdraw at selected ATMs

Register for CHIPS

Scan the QR code with your smart device or click on your app store's button to download CHIPS Money Manager mobile app.

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CHIPS for informal traders


CHIPS is what you have been looking for to launch your business idea or if you already have a small business to enable you to grow your business.

What can CHIPS do for you?

  1. When you scan the QR code, you can be paid by any Masterpass-enabled app.
  2. Instant access to money from all mobile payments received - no waiting for funds to clear.
  3. Fixed 2% fee on mobile payments.
  4. Low 0.5% fee on CHIPS payments.
  5. Instant notifications and a transaction log on your mobile.
  6. Cash withdrawal from your CHIPS account at Checkers/Shoprite.
  7. Cash deposit directly into your CHIPS account at tills of major retailers.

No set-up costs. No monthly cost. No lock-in contract.

CHIPS also offers you a growth path to take your business to the next level.

By registering as a business, you get access to a payment administration portal that provides you with all the tools you need to manage your payment receipts and more. It also enables you to get access to card acceptance devices that are integrated with CHIPS in order to make you more efficient and save costs.

Click on the Business tab for more information.

About Omnea

Omnea forms part of the XEA Capital group and provides businesses with access to secure and reliable payment platforms across Africa.

Omnea now also offers CHIPS, as a service, to South African consumers, businesses and other organisations, as well as government.


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